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We respond ~ London 2014

Hydro Cleansing are on the front line, servicing 67,000 miles of sewers in London, to keep 8 million people in the capital moving.  We clear & maintain the intricate network of pipelines, drains and treatment
plants 24/7, 365 days a year.


Megatron Operator James Churchman explains how Megatron &
Mega Reel work together to remove over 8 tonnes of grit and silt. Clearing the blockage from 600 metres, these are the only 2 vehicles in the UK capable of completing this job.

Mega Reel

Managing Director Steve Hoad talks to Senior Engineer Keith Moore about our newest vehicle.  Mega Reel was deployed to West Wickham, assisting Megatron clear a blocked culvert allowing drainage flow from a flooded rugby field, electricity sub station & homes.

Sewage Tanker Vacuum excavation in off terrain environment
Jet Vacuum Sewage Tanker clearing a drain in confined space
Sewage Tanker Megatron in an industrial site
Sewage Tanker horizontal recovery
Sewage Tanker transporting and removing waste
Sewage Tanker, Megatron, pressure jetting drain
Sewage Tanker being readied for vacuum excavation and hydro demolition
Sewage Tanker clamping hosing unit to the Megatron tanker
Sewage Tanker with Dual vacuum pump clearing culvert
Megatron stretching out as a Sewage Tanker
Sewage Tanker, Megatron, illustration showcase for flood response
Sewage Tanker with CCTV and culvert survey
Culvert sludge and debris cleaning with on-board water recycling
Show Description

24 Hour Helpline

Waste removal and transportation

Commercial and industrial services

Culvert sludge and debris cleaning

On board water recycling

Ultra high pressure hydraulic jetting

Hazardous waste disposal

Cleans and distils sewer and sludge tanks

Dual vacuum pump 6000 cubic ft/min

Horizontal recovery of liquid, sludge and silt

100m vertical, 800m horizontal vacuum

Hydro demolition and hydro blasting

Vacuum excavation and water jet cutting

Specialist confined space teams

CCTV drain and culvert surveys